Machakos County Women Representative Joyce Kamene has urged politicians across the political divide to champion for unity even as they drum up the debate for and against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

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Kamene says that the BBI debate is generating political heat and anxiety and there is need for politicians to tone it down.

Speaking at Masii police station on Sunday, Kamene urged politicians to stop making statements in reference to BBI that can easily fuel animosity in the country.

“My appeal is to politicians whether supporting the BBI or against it to refrain from statements that are causing political tension and anxiety,” she said.

Kamene argued that the political class can express their views on the BBI document without using abusive language against each other.

“The BBI is not the end of life and as leaders, we must put the unity of our country first even as we debate about the document,” she said.

She asked Kenyans to read through the document and make their own informed decisions instead of depending on politicians to read for them. 

“Some politicians are giving misleading information about the document and it is important that we as Kenyans take the initiative of reading the document ourselves,” she added.

The BBI debate continues to rage on among politicians across the divide with majority backing the document that was unveiled late last year.

The first BBI consultative forum was held in Kisii County last week with leaders among them former Prime Minister Raila Odinga backing it up.

The countrywide consultative forums are meant to get the views of Kenyan on the BBI document that was birthed after the famous handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Odinga.