Nominated Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok had taken issue with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party's latest concerns ahead of the Kibra mini poll.

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Speaking on Tuesday, ODM Director of Elections Junet Mohammed and the party's Chairman John Mbadi claimed that there could be plans to rig the party out in the upcoming by-election.

The two claimed that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has been unwilling to avail the voter register, a move which they termed a red flag.

However, speaking on Wednesday, Sankok who is a member of the Jubilee Party, claimed that ODM has panicked due to McDonald Mariga's candidature, and is seeking excuses should it lose in the race.

"This is an amorphous NGO because we know the opposition is ANC. When you panic you begin engaging in blame games and preparing your supporters that in the likely event that you lose you'll have some sort of justification (this is an amorphous NGO kwa sababu sisi tunajua the opposition ni ANC. Ukipanic unaanza na blame games and preparing your supporters that in the likely event that you lose wako na justification fulani)," he said.

He made the remarks on Radio Jambo's Mazungumzo Waziwazi show on Wednesday night.

He argued that the remarks implicate the party of the same thing it is complaining about, wondering which register it used to hold its nominations, where Imran Okoth was picked as the ODM candidate.

According to Sankok, this means that the primaries were also not fair.

"When they begin demanding the voter register then which register did they use in the nomination (wakianza kusema wanataka voter register basi walifanya nomination na register gani)?" he posed.