Joe Mwangi is now accusing Wendy Waeni's mother of using Sh100,000 intended for the young acrobat's school fees on alcohol. 

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Mwangi who is Wendy's ex-manager has also denied allegations of defrauding the young girl and instead pointed fingers at her mother.

He claims he used his own money to facilitate Wendy's school fees and shopping.

"Mimi from my own pocket. I gave Mama Wendy Sh100,000 and I told her weka hii pesa ya mtoto anafaa kuingia shule January. Then January ikafika, all of a sudden ilikua deadline ya watoi kuingia shule ilikua date 8. Date 6 Wendy texted me on WhatsApp, and she's like Joe naingia shule lini and fine. Nilipeana pesa mimi unaniuliza nini mamabo ya shule. Then nikamuuliza ata toothbrush ya 20 bob hamjanunua, she said yeah mum alisema hana pesa. Lakini ulevi. (I gave Wendy's mother Sh.100,000 from my own pocket, and I told her to keep the money because the child was to go to school in January. Then when January came, all of a sudden the deadline for students to be admitted was on 8th. On 6th Wendy texted me on WhatsApp asking when she is supposed to go to school. Then I wondered how comes yet I had given out money. I even asked if they had not bought a toothbrush worth Sh20, and she said yes claiming her mother said she does not have money. But it's because of drunkenness" Mwangi said during an interview on Ebru TV shared on Instagram by Nairobi Gossip Club

He also claimed that at some point, he was forced to sell his own television set to provide for Wendy. 

The ex-manager had come under heavy criticism on social media after Wendy accused him of defrauding and leaving her penniless.