Fatigue is one of the annoying symptoms of pregnancy especially in the first and the third trimester. A pregnant woman will feel more exhausted due to the changing level of hormones throughout the pregnancy.

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Here are ways to fight fatigue during pregnancy;

1. Exercise

Spending a few minutes exercising can greatly help to beat the pregnancy fatigue. The endorphins produced by your body while exercising helps in increasing body's energy hence reducing the rate of exhaustion. Taking part in daily walk or swimming sessions helps your to fell better and also ave a comfortable sleep.

2. Take note of your sleeping posture

Your sleeping posture will determine how much fatigue you will  overcome. Sleeping on your left side as well as placing a pillow on your back to support it makes you more comfortable than sleeping on your right side.

3. Ask for help

Ensure you ask for help to attend to your daily household chores.  You can ask a family member or a friend to assist you clean your house, wash clothes or utensils as you take a nap or two, this will help you to re-energize.

4. Relax

Pregnancy can drain much energy from you. It is therefore important to relax, practice taking deep breathes or opt for body massage. This will have a great impact in helping blood circulation in your body more efficient thus compacting fatigue.