Travelling with your spouse can be the most amazing experience worthy of memories but can also be the cause of your break up. 

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Most couples do set a romantic getaway where they spend time together away from their homes. 

Taking adventures with your spouse can help both of you to know more about each other since you will find yourself in different situations never been before. If such situations are not solved amicably, your relationship can be at the verge of breaking.

These are the mistakes couples travelling together should avoid;

1. Arguing about the little things

Travelling with your spouse ought to be a moment worth remembering. However, you might find yourself arguing on little stuff such as missing a ride, forgetting headphones or swimming costumes. You can plan and purchase what you do not have to avoid destroying the happy moments.

2. Failing to budget and overspending

Overspending or under planning is one of the mistakes most couples find themselves in when travelling together since they do not have a plan. Ensure you have a list of all that you ought to buy or do so that before starting your journey, you know how much money to use.

3. Leaving one person to handle all the logistics

Leaving your partner to handle all the tasks that come with travelling such as booking accommodation, doing follow-ups on tickets, dinner reservations or even venue check-outs might cause trouble. Support your spouse to plan despite how willing they offer to do all the planning.