Kikuyu Christian radio, Kigooco FM, drive show (Kuinikiriria) presenter John Karanja, alias Baruthi Wa Thayu, has dispelled social media rumours from a section of his fan base that he could be suffering from cancer.

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This is after he took a break a month ago after he developed an unidentified condition, that has affected both legs leading him to use clutches to aid his movements and mobility.

Speaking during an exclusive interview on Monday evening, Karanja said he has visited various hospitals in Nairobi to seek treatment, but the mysterious condition which the doctors had initially diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis, is yet to let him off the hook.

"I am not suffering from cancer as some social media users claim and neither do I exhibit cancerous symptoms. I, however, understand that with the cancer epidemic continuing to ravage many people's healthy lifestyles in our country, some may have a reason to believe in the unfounded rumours," Karanja said.

The radio presenter who started his radio journey at the now defunct Mururi FM as breakfast presenter, said although he has also been in utter shock over his paralyzing condition, as he has never had an issue with any of his limbs before, he is on the path to recovery and will be resuming his duties soon.

He expressed optimism in the medication he is undergoing as well as in the prayers from family, friends and fans.

"I am optimistic that soon I will be out of this very challenging and torturous condition, that has even defied conventional medical knowledge and which the devil has designed to drain off my energy, hopes and aspirations. But all your prayers and support are gradually shifting the balance in my favour. I remain grateful and request you to continue praying for me," he added.

The youthful presenter concludes on a spiritual note by asserting that, when you smile in pain, you leave the devil and his angels of doom confused than ever before.

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