President Uhuru Kenyatta has been advised to call the bluff on Deputy President William Ruto if at all he's interested in salvaging his legacy.

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While Uhuru has never directly attacked DP William Ruto, he has often gone ballistic against his close allies, accusing them of insubordination.

The DP on the other hand, has also been extremely cautious on his boss, often chosing to confront those close to the head of state.

But former Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando now wants Uhuru to take Ruto head-on, accusing him of sabotage and threatening the head of state.

"Handshake endeared Uhuru to NASA family but not Raila to JP zones, thanks to Tangatanga discomfort. RUTO sabotaged #BBIKenya from start. For Uhuru to free himself, he must reassert his AUTHORITY. Only for fear of RAILA, RUTO has trashed #handshake, blatantly disobeyed his boss," he tweeted.

According to Kabando, any further delay will badly affect Uhuru's bid to succeed in cementing his legacy which is anchored in unity and the Big Four Agenda.

"It’s time to listen to diverse voices. Even those we loath. It’s time for Uhuru to call the bluff on Ruto. Any procrastination only aggravates. Tangatanga fights @DCI_Kenya @ODPP_KE @InteriorKE," he added.

Dr Ruto is keen to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta, a move which has made a section of President's supporters uncomfortable, some blaming him of early campaigns.