Bongo star Rayvanny is now a lonely man after his baby mama Fahyma walked away.

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Rayvanny on Sunday took to Instagram and shared a screenshot of his baby mama's chats.

In one of the chats between the singer and alleged baby mama, she tells Rayvanny to forget seeing their son.

According to the 'Tetema' hitmaker, his baby mama was after a life that would not add value to her or to them as a family.

He added that they were going through many ups and downs, but they always sorted them out and restored peace in their relationship.

"I have been respecting all these years we have been together, we have had issues but we forgive each other. Most of the time you wanted a life that would not add value to our lives, and I always said no, I respect you so much plus my family, if you have decided to leave I won't blame you, I wish you all the best. (IMEKUA NAKUHESHIMU MIAKA YOTE TULIOKUA PAMOJA KUNA MENGI TUMEKOSEANA NA TUMESAMEHEANA NA MOST OF THE TIME UMEKUA UKITAMANI MAISHA AMBAYO KILA SIKU NAKWAMBIA HAYATAKUSAIDIA .... NAKUHESHIMU NA NAISHEMU SANA FAMILIA YANGU .... IKIWA UMEAMUA MWENYEWE KUONDOA I WON'T BLAME YOU ..... STILL LOVE MY FAMILY ...NAKUTAKIA MAISHA MEMA 🙏🙏🙏🙏)," Rayvanny posted.

Rayvanny and Fahyma were staying together with their son even though they were not legally married.

Fahyma had to ditch her religion to join Christianity as a way of increasing their compatibility with the singer who is also a Christian.