Thirdway Alliance's secretary general Fred Okang'o has waded into the controversy touched off by the cremation of Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth.

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Speaking exclusively on NTV, Mr Okang'o lashed out at those who were opposed to the cremation saying that if it was the deceased with then it should be respected.

"People will get angry or say whatever they have said but on burial and cremation matters, they are decided by the family and the deceased before they die in words we call the will."

("Watu watakasarika, watasema walivyosema lakini mambo ya kuzikwa au kuchomwa ni mambo ambayo yanaamuliwa na familia na mwenda zake pengine kabla aage kwa yale maandishi tunaita mapenzi yake ile will), " Mr Okang'o said

Okang'o said that death was a private matter and that what a person wants to be done to their bodies to be respected.

He added that the world was moving and people should move with it.

The Kibra Member of Parliament was cremated after a tussle pitting family members against each other.

Ken Okoth's mother claimed that his son was cremated even after requesting that the cremation be stopped.

Cultural Luo purists expressed their anger at the fate of the legislator's body, arguing that cremation is against Luo culture.