The government has revealed why recovery operations at the Likoni channel did not start at 9 am as stated on Wednesday. 

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Addressing journalist on Thursday morning, Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna gave three reasons why the process had not yet been started. 

Oguna cited the traffic jam of people from Likoni to Mombasa as the first reasons. 

Secondly, he noted that the ocean was experiencing huge currents thus they wouldn't risk divers going down with the deadly ocean currents. He also pointed out that they are waiting on two ships scheduled to pass at 9 am for docking. 

“Yesterday we promised to start the recovery operations by 9. However, we haven't started as we don't want to interfere with the transportation of people from Likoni to Mombasa. We will start when the number of people decreases. (Jana tulipatiana ahadi ya kwamba kufikia saa tatu tutakuwa tumeanza hiyo shuhudi lakini hadi sasa hatujaanza kwa sababu hatutaki kupunguza kasi ya wale ambao wanavuka Likoni kuja Mombasa. Tunasubiri idadi ya wale ambao wanasafiri ipungue ndio tuanze hiyo shughuli),” Oguna told journalists as quoted by Citizen Digital

11 days since the rescue operation of bodies of Mariam Kighendi and her daughter Amanda Mutheu started, their car was finally spotted 58 meters under the water. 

Thursday being the 12th day of the operation, divers will be going down to pull up the car. 

However, the government has maintained that they are still not sure whether bodies of the victims are still in the car. 

It promised that before the end of the business day on Thursday, the car will be out of the water.