You might not be able to turn back time but you can always do something to reduce your body's signs of ageing. 

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While our genetic makeup plays important role in ageing, research has proved that behavioural changes also have an impact. This means the kind of lifestyle you live has a role in your speed of getting old.

Based on the latest science, here are 3 proven ways to slow down ageing;

1. Eat good fats

Limit on harmful fats full of cholesterol and consume foods with omega-3 fatty acids. Higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to the reduction of oxidative damages. 

Omega-3 fatty acids have also been linked to longer telomeres. These are substances attached to chromosomes that grow short as cells divide making us age faster since cells cannot divide once they become short. Omega-3 fatty acids are majorly found in fish and soybean.

2. Exercise

Exercise is generally good for your whole body health. It is no doubt exercise can help slow down ageing. When we exercise, we strengthen muscles of the body making them tight. This could help slow down skin sagging as we grow old. 

Additionally, exercise is good as it keeps mitochondria in the body constantly producing energy. Exercise is also good for the bones. 

3. Deal with tension and stress

Too much stress and tension have been found to cause epigenetic ageing. Quit that dull, lonely and solitude lifestyle. You can do away with stress through exercising, meditating upon important things, quit unhealthy relationships and find good people to be with. 

Besides, you won't understand the other side of life if you let yourself drown in sorrow.