Holding a wedding celebration is one of the amazing events that create memories of the big day. 

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Even though the day is made for you, the invited guests will later express their gratitude and they will hide any sort of disappointment they encountered. 

Most guests attend weddings for enjoyment, fun and to take stories with them.

Here are several things guests hate about weddings;

1. Long speeches

Long speeches make people restless and bored. Speeches ought to be short and straight to the point. Ensure those who will be delivering their speeches take limited time.

2. Not enough food

Guests expect weddings to be full of dances, love, music and food. Anything short of this makes them unhappy. Ensure that your caterer prepares enough food to avoid embarrassments. The food should be more to cater for extra guests.

3. No seating plan

It is very awkward for the guests to meander their way to find empty chairs in case a person stands just because the seats are not enough. Ensure that your wedding reception has a seating plan and the seats are enough for your guests.

4. Lack of planning

Guests hate a wedding that is poorly planned. Ensure that the sessions are clearly stated in the program and that the Master of Ceremony is determined to make your day a memorable one. In case of challenges in schedule or activities, alert the guests early in advance.

5. Poor time management

To start your day in good vibes and energy, ensure you keep time. Ensure also that you do not take a lot of time transitioning from the ceremony to the receptions otherwise, you will leave the guests bored and impatient as some could leave for their homes.