Pwani University Students Association (Pusa) chairperson Jacobs Fikirini is the first student leader to be expelled from two public universities.

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 Fikirini who was last week expelled from Pwani University had also been sent away by Maasai Mara University in 2017.

The student narrated how he was first expelled from Maasai Mara University where he said that, after he won the elections in 2017, he was summoned by the disciplinary committee and given only 3 minutes to defend himself.

The disciplinary committee at Maasai Mara summoned him for inciting students against the administration.

After he was sent home, he hoped that he would be given another opportunity to defend himself by the institution but that didn’t happen, but after a long wait, he just decided to apply for a Bachelor of Arts at Pwani University.

“Soon after the election, the university administration accused me of inciting the students. I was summoned to appear before a disciplinary committee and given only three minutes to defend myself. Subsequently, I was sent home and told that I could be given an opportunity, later on, to come and defend myself again. To date, I have never been called back,” he said.

After joining Pwani University, Fikirinibecome a student leader and went ahead to write a piece of an article titled “Why the VC must go by all means necessary.”

In the opinion piece, he accused the administration of among others trying to over-fine the student to pay KRA debt.

“I am aware of all plans that the administration has to pay the KRA Debt through over-fining students. I know of the conspiracy to torture me or students,” he claimed.

Later, he was expelled from Pwani University for allegedly leading other students to an illegal demonstration and destruction of university property.