Kandara Member of Parliament Alice Muthoni Wahome has said leaders should focus on developing the country rather than changing the constitution every 10 years for selfish gains.

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The vocal lawmaker took to her official Facebook Page on Wednesday to urge her fellow leaders to focus on developing the nation by empowering the young persons through education.

"If we really want change and a promising future for our beloved country, we should begin by changing individuals; by empowering and investing in our children through education; not introducing reports and doing referendums after every 10 years to fit our selfish motives," the Kandara lawmaker posted.

She urged her fellow leaders to channel the money they are using to push for the change of the constitution to do things that will change the lives of common Mwananchi.

"Let’s channel the money to real issues down there, focus on the right things and stop moving goal posts & changing rule," she noted.

Alice Wahome is among leaders who have greatly embraced education in the country. 

She has seen several classrooms built in her constituency and needy children get bursaries.

She is one of the closest allies of Deputy President William Ruto who seems to be opposing the ongoing BBI campaigns in the country.