Your liver plays a key role in your body's digestion system. For this reason, you ought to take care of it to the maximum. Liver being a crucial organ of your body can be damaged by the following habits;

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1. Drinking a lot of alcohol

Alcohol is unhealthy for the liver. Although limited amounts isn't bad, alcohol generally hurts your liver. It damages the liver cells and can lead to swelling or formation of scars that can later develop into cirrhosis or cancer. Well, you understood that cirrhosis and cancer can lead to death. 

2. Not observing healthy diet and not exercising

Healthy diet and exercising are very good for your liver. Healthy diet here means eating foods with less fats which helps keep your weight in control. Regular exercise also keeps your weight controlled. These help prevent nanalcoholic fatty liver disease(NAFLD), a condition that leads to cirrhosis.

3. You take too much soda

Sodas contain a lot of added sugars which could contribute to rapid weight gain. Drinking sugar sweetened beverages daily could cause you fatty liver disease as a result of obesity or being too overweight.

In most cases, overweight people are diagnosed with liver problems and asked to cut back on alcohol or sweetened beverages in take in order loose weight to allow for recovery of the liver.