Kitutu Chache North Jimmy Nuru Angwenyi is the longest serving MP in the 12th government from the Gusii region.

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Angwenyi started his political career in 1996 after he sudden demise of Zachary Onyonka. During this time, the constituency had not been split into Kitutu Chache South and Kitutu Chache North. 

Therefore, during the by elections that were conducted on 1996, Angwenyi emerged victorious.

He served until 1997 under the KANU party where he successfully defended the seat in 1997 elections, still under KANU ticket.

He served also until 2002, where he decamped KANU for Ford People, a party that was formed by Simeon Nyachae who was then contesting for presidency.

He also won elections where he served the electorates until 2007, when he lost to Richard Onyonka.

This became a blow to him and many people though he had been sent to political oblivion.

Against many people's expectations, Angwenyi came back with rejuvenated efforts on 2013 elections, vying under The National Alliance (TNA), he again emerged successful. 

History repeated itself in 2017 when he also defending d his seat under Jubilee party.

This saw him serve for the fifth term and making him the longest serving MP from the region in parliament. 

The National assembly speaker in the 12th parliament Justine Muturi, congratulated him saying it was not an easy task. He declared him as the 'father of the hous.'