Vocal lawyer Wahome Thuku has hit out at Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro over claims he was being intimidated to stop drumming support for Deputy President William Ruto.

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Nyoro on Monday claimed he was being threatened to drop his support for the DP and instead campaign for ODM leader Raila Odinga in the populous Murang'a County.

“There is no way you will call me and tell me to sell Raila in Murangá by force yet I know he cannot be bought. If there is a problem, they should deal with the Murangá citizens and not me,” he said.

"We have received a lot of threats but our support for DP Ruto will not be shaken," the first-time legislator added.

However, Thuku accused the Jubilee MP of 'lying' that his problems with the State were over 2022 politics since his campaigns for Ruto would be 'inconsequential'.

"Nyoro should stop lying to Kiharu that he is being arrested for selling Ruto. Anyone who will vote for Ruto in Kiharu will do so with or without Nyoro's campaigns," he posted on Facebook.

Nyoro was arrested on Monday night and later released and when he appeared in court on Tuesday the prosecution preferred no charges against him.

The MP's arrest sparked chaos in Murang'a town as his supporters demonstrated demanding for his release.

Thuku mocked those who protested Nyoro's arrest saying it was unnecessary to lit bonfires along Murang'a streets.

"That said, if my MP was arrested, I would not burn afew leaves and old ngunias on our village footpath which no one drives on. I would burn my whole house to ashes. How dare they arrested mtu Wetu (our man)" the lawyer added.