Mr. Benjamin Njenga Mwangi's brutal murder some decades ago is believed to have been a vengeance by some who branded his father a loyalist. In this, the father is thought to have sited with white men, leading to eviction of many locals from their farms which were then occupied by whites. 

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Ms Mary Wambui, the only surviving sibling to the late Benjamin Mwangi, recently took to the place where Mr. Benjamin was laid to rest six decades down the line. 

Ms Wambui, attempts to have the remains taken from the grave in a land which has since been sold out to aliens. Family intends to inter afresh the remains in Nakuru County closer to where his wife was buried, in attempts to evade any further catastrophes to the family. 

"I met a relative who told me to fulfill what my mother had requested before her death and this took me aback. I wondered whether it had anything to do with the deaths and I called for a meeting with my maternal relatives before we went to Limuru to talk to those from my dad's side," Ms Wambui said. 

Wambui then filed a suit in Limuru law court on August 2019, seeking to be granted exhuming rights. Later on, it was found out that Mr. Benjamin's grave was on Wambui's aunt piece of land, which had since been sold out. 

"I was informed that a curse befell the family for leaving the spirit of the deceased in a foreign land and I want to fulfill my mother's wishes," Ms wambui told court. The land buyers implicated consented to Ms Wambui's request via an October affidavit but on one condition. 

After exhumation exercise, Ms Wambui was ordered by the buyer's family to ensure that she leveled the ground. Kiambu County Health Officers paid a visit to the site, and established that no environmental risk associated with the exhuming exercise. 

Though, Ms Wambui was ordered to provide exhuming equipment as well as ensuring that the remains were safely handled to the destination where they would be interred. 

Exhumation rights were granted in November 2019 by Senior Principal Magistrate Evelyn Olwande of Limuru court. "Public Health Officer Limuru Sub-county is hereby directed to supervise the implementation of this order," Magistrate Evelyn ruled out.

It broke Wanbui's heart as she narrated to the Standard how she was the only member surviving in her father's family, having to painfully narrate how each met their death. But on the other hand, she was glad that finally her father had been rejoined again together with his wife though in death.