Former Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga has said that he has nothing against those who brutally murdered his wife Grace Wairimu.

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In an interview with the Standard, Maina said that every human will eventually die and he has no grudge with anyone. He also said that he misses his wife dearly and hopes that they will meet in heaven.

“Every human being who was born of a human being will die. I forgave those that did that thing and I moved on,” he said in part.

In references to the Mungiki gang, Maina said that they are just normal Kenyans. He urged people to consider them as relatives. 

He noted that the fact that they feel oppressed in different ways doesn’t make them not merit to be Kenyans are many people have been perceiving them.

“I want to tell Kenyans that Mungiki is just common people. They are your people. They are your children. And what is there is that you have just been giving them names and those names doesn’t matter. 

"These are the people of Kenya and now we are not talking about Mungiki we want to talk about the people of Kenya,” he added.

He also said that he got saved and started a church. He noted that the church has transformed the lives of many people since it was founded.