President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga could have their influence tested before the implementation of Building Bridges Initiative report, it has emerged.

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BBI team is set to handover the report to President Uhuru and Raila Odinga, with sources indicating that the ceremony will be done later this week.

Already, there are hurdles to the team, with sections of MPs rejecting parliamentary system of government which is widely expected to be proposed.

One of BBI team member, Mzee James Matundura, on Monday said that the report will have some items requiring referendum as per the law.

"You'll see the report discussed in assemblies and parliament. Some items will require legislations from parliament," said Mr Matundura, a close ally of Uhuru.

He added: "Some items will require goverment policy in specific ministries while others will require referendum. You'll get more details later."

According to his statement, Uhuru and Raila  dearly need Assemblies, Parliament and the people to have the recommendations effected.

Already, a constitutional amendment bill, Punguza Mizigo initiative, was rejected by over 45 county assemblies. Most MPs allied to DP William Ruto have vowed to shoot down the BBI report.

Both Uhuru and Raila, who have vowed to traverse the country, could now be forced to do extra for the report to be fully implemented.

"It's a tough one. Constitutionally, BBI is not a proper route to change the law. This is the major hurdle. If it finds its way to parliament or people, they have to convince people," lawyer Wilkins Ochoki said.