When it comes to things that we tell other people, one should be careful and considerate with the state of the person that you are talking to. There are some words when directed to a particular group of people will not only hurt them but can also destroy them. 

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When it comes to a friend who is undergoing a divorce, there are some of the things that you should avoid telling them, they include

1. What happened?

When someone tells you that he or she is going to divorce their spouse, asking them what happens is always a bad idea. It is a bad idea because you will be making him or she remembers the pain that drove him to reach to the point of divorce.

2. How can you do that to your kids?

Saying this to a person who is going through a divorce will make him or her start hating themselves. When it comes to kids, you should interfere as it is clear they have already thought of their children before deciding on getting a divorce.

3. That would never happen to us

When a friend tells you that he or she is going through a separation process, the worst thing you can do is comparing his or her state with yours by saying that it can never happen with you. 

Saying will make your friend hurt him or herself.