We normally compare both men and women in terms of jobs they do, or the courage they have. 

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Men are always given the upper hand. 

Below are some of the important things that most men take for granted but are very important in their lives.

Going to VCT

We all know that healthy living starts from knowing our status. Most men don’t go to VCT centres to know their HIV status. You will find that most married men will assume the status of their couples to be the same as theirs. Little do they know that they might be living as discordant couples.

Going to the hospital when sick

Most men don’t go to hospitals when they fall sick. They prefer going to chemists to buy drugs, and will only visit the health centres when the condition worsens. This is very wrong. It is advisable to see a doctor immediately you noticed some symptoms or changes in your body. 

Taking a full dose of medicine

Doctors are trained to give the correct dose for every disease. Most men don’t prefer taking the full dose as prescribed by a medical officer. You will notice that most men will stop taking the drugs the moment they start recovering. It is very important to take the full dose as prescribed. Whether you recover before the dose is over, just ensure you take the remaining drugs. This will prevent any further attack by the same disease.

Use of protection during lovemaking

A real man protects and plans for his family. Most men don’t use these rubbers during lovemaking, forcing them to cause unwanted pregnancies or acquire STDs. Rubbers prevent the spread of STDs and help in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. 

Most men, after impregnating young ladies will run away from responsibilities, a case that would have been sorted by the use of condoms. Please, this is your life. Protect it and save your lover’s life too. Use a condom.

Using mobile phones when driving or riding

Although NTSA is enforcing the law to bar people from using mobile phones while on wheels, most men still use them. You will notice that a cyclist or a driver is receiving or making a call while on the wheels. This is very dangerous to both the driver and other road users. It is advisable to give way and park outside then make or receive that call. When you are done, go back to the road and continue.


No matter how slow the snail is, it will reach its destination. Speeding is very dangerous, claiming many lives of road users. It is advisable to accelerate at a speed you can control in case of an emergency. There are automobiles and they can develop mechanical problems any moment, so, when you are at a high speed, you may not be able to control and save lives.

Using seat belts

In our everyday journeys, we don’t know where and when an accident will occur. Therefore, it is advisable to fasten our seat-belts all the time. No matter how close our destination is, fasten your seat-belt.