Health officials in Mombasa County have been notified to be alert after a new strain of Dengue fever was reported in the region. 

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Mombasa county director of health Dr Shem Patta stated that a patient without travel history is currently in isolation. 

He also said those who have suffered attacks previously are at a high risk of subsequent infections and associated the disease's occurrence to rain patterns.

Dr Shem Patta assured the public that Mombasa County has continued monitoring the disease since its first break out in 2013.

He also asked all medical professionals to report cases using health facility line listing form (MOH 503) and the weekly epidemic monitoring form (MOH 505) and directed clinicians and other professionals to offer prompt treatment after detection.

“We request all variables in the forms to be filled especially the residences to facilitate targeted and focused interventions at the community level,” said Dr Patta as quoted by KBC.

The county director of health further instructed all health facilities to ensure the reports reach sub-county disease surveillance coordinator or sub-county medical officer of health by Monday on a weekly basis.

DENV 1, DENV 2, DENV 3 and DENV 4 dengue viruses cause dengue fever. 

The disease can kill if you do not get timely treatment. However, early detection can reduce fatalities to 1 per cent.