Ten lucky Kenyans have travelled to Dubai for holiday courtesy of 'Omanga Care', a foundation started by nominated senator Millicent Omanga.

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In a post in her official Facebook page on Thursday afternoon, Omanga noted to have bid goodbye to the individuals who won a trip to Dubai for being fanatical supporters for her leadership course.

"Off to Dubai, Safari Njema.I believe you will experience great exposure. The entrepreneurship programme will serve as a strong pillar in your careers and businesses," read the post.

On Wednesday, the lawmaker had announced through another Facebook post that ten individuals who won awards for being her consistent fans on social media had received visas, tickets and travelling insurances and were poised to travel to Dubai for a holiday.

The former city women representative hopeful further asserted that another lot of ten individuals who will be lucky to secure the award will be selected to spend their holiday at the similar destination in January next year.

"Issued Visas, Tickets and Travel Insurance to the first bunch of the Lucky 10 who will be travelling to Dubai Tomorrow courtesy of Omanga Care as a way of appreciating my supporters. I will be having another group of 10 travelling on January," Omanga noted.

She expressed commitment to helping her loyal supporters in her leadership and political endeavours where necessary.

Senator Millicent Omanga founded 'Omanga care' to help her address social and political challenges facing Kenyans she represents as a nominated senator.