Men are obsessed with women with big hips. Besides making them more sexually attracted, big hips come with endless benefits among women.   Big hips are considered a blessing in disguise. Here are benefits of big hips.

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First and foremost, research by Scientists from the University of Oxford showed that women with big hips are considered to be more intelligent.  The research also claimed that the women often give birth to children who are more intelligent compared to women with smaller hips.

Secondly, it is also said that the lower body fat lowers cholesterol levels and produce sugar metabolizing hormones. This, in turn, lowers your risk of suffering from diabetes and heart-related diseases. Women with big hips are less likely to suffer from these two conditions.

Thirdly, women with big hips produce more omega 3 fats. The fats are considered very helpful when it comes to the catalyzing of the brain. This makes these women more brilliant in class.

Fourthly, according to the report published in the International Journal of Obesity, big hips play an immense role in the protection of your body against excessive weight. Women with big hips are less likely to have issues with their weight.