The pink city is an awesome place to have fun and even settle. However, these four places should be avoided whenever you are in Nakuru especially if you are a Christian or generally a coward.

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Kanu Street

The flesh peddlers on this street will definitely tempt your Christianity. They might even force you to bed them if the business has been bad on that day.

Thou shall not fornicate or commit adultery is a virtue that is put to serious test. Avoid Kanu Street.

Nakuru North Cemetary

The cemetery on your way to the Kenya Medical College (KMTC) is another place you might be tempted to tour. It is a shorter route to KMTC, Egerton Medical campus and the hospital among other facilities. If you are among those people who respect and fear the dead, let them rest in peace.


Bondeni is great. However, it is only recommended to those who have lived in Nakuru for some time. If you make a mistake of going there and you behave like a lost chicken, you will be someone’s stew in the evening.


Manyani as the name suggests, it is full of ‘Manyani’. In case you are a lover of the delicious Mutura, this is a no go zone. You might eat mutura made from Nyani.