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4 secrets about your guy you can learn from his boys

Edwin Shichangi
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If you’re curious about the guy in your life and feel like there might actually be more to him than meets the eye; there’s one group of people that know where all the secrets are buried, his boys. 

Below are some secrets about your guy you can learn from his boys

1. What his former love life was like

The friends in a guys life will always know the exact buttons that he has regarding ex’s. Was he head over heels? Is he still for the same chick but just won’t admit it? If there’s the skeleton of a relationship sitting somewhere in his closet, guaranteed his friends are aware of it.

2. If he’s BSing his success stories

Does something seem to not quite add up about his career? His friends were there before he was an alleged big shot. Chances are that they’ll know whether the stories he’s spinning are real-life legends or just a pack of lies designed to impress you.

3. Whether he’s on team mafisi

There’s a touch of ratchet to this guy, but you don’t know if its an active streak with him. There is a quick and easy way around this however, some of his friends are bound to know whether or not he’s still doing things that aren’t on the up and up. Buy a bottle and let the reality sink in.

4. If he has a drinking problem

You’ve gotten the sense that he might enjoy his whiskey a little bit too much. The people that have been around longer to know that for sure are the old friends (some of whom probably enabled that drinking/blazing/black tar heroin habit). If you don’t want to find out about these secret addictions years later, check around with the squad to find out.

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