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4 simple ways to celebrate a father everyday

Denis Joseph
A father and son having a good time. [Photo/]

The world celebrates Father’s Day once every year. That is not enough considering that, they are our true heroes, we are where we are because of our fathers. Therefore, the following are some ways we can celebrate our fathers throughout our lives and not only once a year.

Constant love: It is very saddening that despite what our fathers have done, some of us take ages before we travel upcountry to spend some quality time with them. To some extent, we snob their calls and only think that they only want to ‘ask for money’. He is your father love him no matter what.

Seek their advice: Fathers are wise because no matter how much have, they have lived long and have encountered many aspects of this life, so they have a thorough knowledge on how to go about life successfully. They feel valued and appreciated every time you seek their advice and direction when undertaking difficult life choices

Help with their bills: You are his child, he took you through school and perhaps it is you who exhausted his savings with your so many expenses, he footed them for you. It is now your turn to ensure that he access medication, his electricity and TV are paid on time. They understand that you have your own life to deal with but don’t forget to help them out.

Occasionally treat him: surprise him with different gifts like those classic wrist watches, a high-end suit. Take him on a full paid expense trip to a place where you think he will relax and enjoy. Probably he has never experienced the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara because he wanted you to learn so that someday you can be somebody.

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