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4 things women do in church that kill relationships

Denis Joseph
A frustrated man. Continued absence of women in their relationships leads to strains in a relationship. [Photo/]

It is good to be engrossed in matters of faith since belief is a personal thing and cannot be imposed on another person. However, there are things that women do that are really making their relationships to trail. Take a look;

Spending a lot of time in church: It is good to worship, it is good to spend work in the presence of the Lord. However, our relationships with people are God-given and we are supposed to nurture them ourselves. Imagine you are married but you spend the whole of Friday night in “kesha”, the whole of Saturday and Sunday you are away. Who is taking care of your husband, children?

Unnecessary quotation of the scriptures: Sometimes people will quote holy scriptures to justify their continued absence in their relationships. Since it is not advisable to argue against the Holy word, men are beaten into submission. Sometimes these scriptures are metaphorical and someone might get a wrong impression of a good intent hence ruining the relationship.

Cozy relationship with Pastors and church leaders: It really reduces the pace of a relationship to see a married wife or a girl who is in a relationship with another man serving pastors diligently as if they were their men. This will always lead to a fuss.

Uncontrolled church trips: Sometimes, a person will always be on the move. It is not bad to move around spreading the Gospel. However, if you use these trips for your own benefit at the expense of your relationship then it means that your partner might not be patient enough.

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