Deputy President William Ruto is a man under siege and a leader whose days in leadership are numbered, judging by the latest troubles he has been encountering.

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The loudest was his humiliation at the Bomas of Kenya last Wednesday, where the event planners openly switched him with ODM leader Raila Odinga on matters protocol.

Surprisingly, the incident happened right before the eyes of President Uhuru Kenyatta, with whom they at some point back wore matching ties, who sat pretty, enjoying it all.

To worsen it, the DP has been pushed to an extent that he is now fighting with Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i, with the president appearing reluctant to defend his deputy.

This is an open indication that Ruto has been used and dumped and is no longer needed by Uhuru and his inner circle, and they want him to resign, which he will never do.

Ruto has proven himself as a good political student, who, thanks to lessons from his political professors Daniel Moi and Raila, has elevated himself to his current position.

He, therefore, must have learnt from the mistake conducted by founding Vice President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in 1966, who resigned after being subjected to the same treatment.

Given that Oginga suffered in the hands of Jomo Kenyatta, Uhuru's father, Ruto must have realized that this is just a repeat of the 1966 incident, and he is wanted out.

He is, therefore, going to pull the Moi stunt, who endured all manner of mistreatment, including slaps at the Nakuru state lodge, and ended up ruling the country for over 24 years.

Ruto sees himself as a man who already has one leg in the State House, and is well aware that he will have outdone all the effort he has made towards realizing the goal by resigning.

Being a seat he has really worked for, the DP would rather endure humiliation for the remaining two years than step out and spoil chances of realizing his lifetime dream.

He also knows that as much as he enjoys some support from Uhuru's Mt Kenya region, the Mt Kenya people still love their own son (Uhuru) more than him.

Therefore, by resigning, he will have made it clear that he has parted ways with Uhuru, and the Mt Kenya region by extension.

This will immediately take away the much-needed support he enjoys in the region, as he will automatically be seen as a bitter man who will use his power to revenge his woes under Uhuru when he ascends to the presidency.

In such an instance, the majority of the revenge will go to the Kikuyu, an image he doesn't want to be seen by the people through his resignation.

Also, the DP feels that he has done too much for Uhuru and the Jubilee government to resign now.

Therefore, if there is a plot to push him out, it will not succeed.