Police officers in Eldoret on Wednesday arrested five suspects believed to be behind the numerous recently reported cases of theft and insecurity in the town. 

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Residents from Elgon view, Langas, Kimumu, Annex and other estates within the town have been victims of attacks from the gang that resulted to lose of valuable assets including vehicles.

The suspects, who were apprehended while using a questionable Toyota Premio car, were also in possession of assets worth Sh300,000 and are being held at Kiambaa police station .

Confirming the incident, Langas police boss Francis Warui noted that the owner of the car could lose his vehicle, should it be confirmed that he was aware of the group's criminal activities.

“Mwenye gari kama ulikuwa unapeana gari kutumika kwa wizi, ningekuambia sahii na ningekuonya sahii hiyo gari sahau sasa. (The owner of the car if you gave out the car to be used in theft, I would tell you now and I would warn you now to forget about that car)” he said.

Warui also sent a warning to all traders dealing with second hand products that their businesses are being investigated. 

“Wale watu wanauza vitu second hand hasaa watu wa shylock tumemulika nyinyi, watu wa second hand tyres tumemulika nyinyi, watu wa second hand electronics tumemulika nyinyi. (Those people who are selling second hand products and especially those of Shylock, tyres and electronics we are spotlighting you)” Francis Warui added.