Garissa town is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing towns in the North Eastern region. Trading activities in the  town have been catching momentum day in day out.

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But what raised queries in the past few days is the manner shop vendors and hawkers have been handled by the county government officials.

On Thursday evening, a series of vendors’ kiosks and shops were demolished by unknown group of people who locals assumed they were operating on orders from above.

Speaking live on citizen television on Thursday morning, the agonized traders claimed that they had not been notifies of the move earlier.

“This is so bad because we have lost our places of work and valuable assets, they could have notified us in time so that we organize ourselves, our leaders must step in tour aid”, exclaimed Zainab Ibraham, a trader in Garissa town.

She was in company of her colleagues Sarah Jibril, Abbas Sheikh among others and they maintained that the demolition orders were illegal.

It is high time the leadership of Garissa town step up and bring an everlasting solution to the frequent pandemonium between traders and county askaris in Garissa town. 

By so doing, the locals will get a feeling that their leaders have a taste of what they are going through and that they are wiling to help them.

Besides, it portrays a negative picture when old women are harassed without notice and their little commodities mishandled .

At the end of it all, Dozens of them lack where to trade their products and services.