Nyeri Township MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has weighed in on the fracas at a church in Kiharu that saw area Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro disrupt a fundraiser graced by Maina Kamanda and other Kieleweke politicians.

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Speaking on Royal Media Services-owned Inooro TV on Sunday evening on the Kiririmbi programme, Ngunjiri Wambugu expressed shock at what he called the spectre of Kikuyu's fighting among themselves. 

He appeared to suggest that, just like previous fights that pitted Kikuyu politicians against each other, the Kieleweke and Tangatanga fights were manufactured in order to ensure that the Kikuyu nation did not vote as a block.

"There were fights like this where a Kikuyu would fight another Kikuyu. At that time the wars were caused by someone keen on dividing the KIkuyu vote so that when elections come Kikuyus would not vote as a block. I am very shocked by what happened (Kwari na bara cia muthemba uyu kurea kuragwa na Gikuyu kigathie gikarua na Gikuyu kiria kingi. Hende iyo bara iyo yarimagirwo ni mundu nigetha agayukanie Gikuyu nigetha Gikuyu gigakinya guthie guikia kura gikaikie kiri kdu kimwe. Uhoro ucio nie niwamakia muno)," the Nyeri MP said.

Ngunjiri Wambugu said that there was a strong need for Mount Kenya leaders to have an urgent meeting so that they could have discussions to prevent what happened in Kiharu on Sunday.

The Kieleweke and Tangatanga, both factions of the ruling Jubilee party, have been trading strong words over the presidential aspirations of Deputy President Dr William Ruto.