Mombasa City has been receiving visitors since the December festivities kicked in. The number of tourist attraction sites are recording increased numbers of visitors. These include sand beaches. However, the city and whole Coastal region has been recording continuous rains since Friday.

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The heavy rains have been flooding the city, as a result, leading to heavy traffic on major roads.

Besides heavy traffic being witnessed due to flooding roads, accidents have also been witnessed in the region, the latest being in Kibarani where at more than two vehicles were involved some plunging into the ocean.

This has been making travelling in the region difficult, with some people forced to walk long distances before boarding matatus.

On Friday evening, the city was flooded with people after a huge a traffic that prevented matatus from accessing the CBD to offer transport services. 

This Monday, viral videos emerged on social media showing how motorists were struggling to drive along a flooded street within Mombasa City.

Some people were blaming the county government of Mombasa for not setting up proper drainage systems that would help curb these occurrences.

The video was first shared on Facebook by Mombasa County Government Watch, who captioned it with

 "When you have a clueless person heading a county, the smallest county in Kenya which can be cycled 14 times a day.... He is still struggling with garbage collection and drainage in his county, while he goes abroad using taxpayers money, have fun in branded clothes and poses for photos", 

Mombasa has been for years been affected with floods once heavy rains set in. The drainage system has always been blamed for the flooding.