Socio-Political commentator Herman Manyora now claims that the education sector in the country is a failure.

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The analyst has taken shots at the Education Ministry for failing to deliver, claiming that it's instead investing in unnecessary issues.

According to him, such include the introduction of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), which he says is a useless venture.

In a YouTube video posted on Friday, Herman Manyora also poked holes into the government's 100 per cent primary to secondary school transition push, saying that it has not been a success.

"The education sector is collapsing. This animal called CBC where has it worked? What kind of children are we producing? The 100% transition is a joke," he stated in part of the video. (from minute: 4:36)

He pointed out that despite all the attempts to better the state of things in learning institutions, Kenya has continued to churn out almost illiterate graduates.

Herman Manyora termed it unfortunate that those close to the top education bosses have not been directing them in the right direction, basing in the state of things on the ground.

"It's a transition to nothingness, to emptiness, transition through a system that produces graduates who cannot even construct a sentence in English, cannot write a letter and have no analytical skills," he noted while linking the same to the recurrent strikes in learning institutions, caused by poor treatment by the government.

According to the analyst, the mistreatment by the government has driven teachers and lecturers into underperforming in schools and opting to focus on their own issues.