Welcoming a new member to the family is an amazing experience that most people treasure. Even though the delivery period is filled with anxiety and confusion on what to do and what not to do, hearing the little angel cry is a feeling every parent wishes to experience.

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Nowadays, a good number of husbands accompany their wives to the delivery room and stand by their side until the baby is delivered.

Here are five things dads should never do in the delivery room.

1. Getting distracted

When in the delivery room, your wife needs you more than before. Avoid being distracted by things such as your phone as this will cause you to fail to give her the attention she deserves at that moment.

2. Arguing with your wife

Most women are irritable during labour and it is therefore easy for them to initiate an argument. To ensure that she remains calm, do not indulge in any argument rather support and comfort her.

3. Being on phone the whole time

A man who has accompanied his wife to the delivery room should minimize by all means the time he spends on his phone unless there is an emergency that requires his attention. All of your attention should be directed towards your wife.

4. Sleeping all through

Although you might be tired especially if your wife goes into prolonged labour, you should avoid sleeping in the delivery room. Try your best to stay awake and keep your wife company until the baby is born then you can both get some rest.

5. Comparing her with other women

Every woman has her own journey of pregnancy and it won't be good to compare her with other women. Don't compare her experiences such as how much time she has taken to deliver with that of other women.