National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has cleared the air on his stand regarding the increasing calls for constitutional amendments.

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This comes amid two pushes for a referendum, on one side being the Punguza Mizigo initiative and the other being pushed by supporters of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Speaking on Tuesday, the Garissa Township lawmaker said he would want to see a referendum that would return the nation to the parliamentary governance system.

He said that on behalf of the pastoralists parliamentary group, he stands for the move from the current presidential system, where ministerial seats are held by non-politicians.

"My position, as an individual and as a patron of the pastoralists parliamentary group , is that we will support a parliamentary system of government," he said.

The leader added that his referendum desire is based on the BBI side of the push, following the 2018 truce between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former premier Raila Odinga.

According to Duale, there is need for the nation to follow in the footsteps of the two, who joined hands to suppress the reccurent situation where the nation ends up in wrangles after each poll.

"I want a referendum to happen before 2022 based on the 'Handshake'- that is the element of inclusivity, and reduction of divisive politics that take us to post-election violence after every 5 years," he added.