The demise of a newly admitted learner from Sing'ore Girls School a week ago, just shortly after her admission to Iten Referral Hospital with malarial signs has sparked a lot of queries. 

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This has poured light on how poor the healthcare in public schools is, such that, even basic first aid is hard to offer. 

The Form One student died following a malaria outbreak, and which has also seen many other students affected. 

Other institutions affected, according to Nation, also include St Patrick Boys, Mutei Girls, Tot, AIC Kessup Girls and Arror secondary schools.

Some schools reportedly lack even a nurse who can handle cases befalling students, while others have one nurse in-charge of so many students to take care of.

Leaders have been blamed for being relaxed in building health facilities in schools, which has led to many students dying in schools. 

Parents expressed concerns over the welfare of their kids, especially whenever a learner is reported dead in the school.

"The well-being of our children is a big concern that leaves many parents paranoid. That students should die of treatable diseases like malaria in this day points to a great loophole in how treatments are dispensed in schools," Nicholas Maiyo, National Parents Association chair noted, as quoted by Nation.

Maiyo pointed an accusing finger to school heads for negligence and not alerting parents whenever students were taken ill. 

"It is very painful for a parent to learn about the death of their children, when nobody informed them of their sickness," he noted. 

Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (Kessha ) chair Kahi Indimuli, however, defended school heads, saying that they always tried their best with the few resources available.

"No principal would watch as sick student dies in school without taking them to hospital," said Indimuli. 

The Sing'ore Girls' School head did not comment on the mystery surrounding the learner's death nor how they were prepared against guarding health for the other learners.