A teacher at Getionko 1 Primary School in Rioma, Kisii County was on Thursday night found sleeping in his brother's house, in a room where his nieces sleep.

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The teacher, Duke Openda Mouko is alleged to have been sending dirty messages to the minors aged 11   and 8 prompting their his father (his brother) to lay a trap for him.

Aware of this, his brother vacated his daughter from this room and waited for Openda to come and he did not disappoint; he turned up.

Once in the room, he locked it from outside and called the police but Openda called his friends who hurriedly rushed to the compound and wrestled his brother. He later escaped. 

Commenting on this incident on Friday, Assistant Commissioner Marani Sub-county David Saruni said the teacher fled after he was released by his friends who came by before the arrival of the police officers.

"We got information that there is a man who was fond of ruining young girls. He is a teacher at Getionko 1 Primary School. This has gone to the extent of spoiling his brother's girls. His brother had gotten information about the teacher and his girls," Saruni said. 

"He, therefore, organised a set up where the teacher came by at night and was nabbed in the house. The father to the girls locked him in the house to call the police. The teacher called his friends who came by and released him before the police arrived," he noted adding that "such people should not be in the society."

The teacher who is commonly known as 'Esamaki' by the locals is now a wanted man in Rioma. Police have since launched a manhunt for him.