Renowned activist and socio-political commentator Boniface Mwangi has hit out at the church over what he appeared to suggest was it's hypocrisy in the church donations debate. 

Speaking on Wednesday night on Pointblank show, Mwangi said the church had stopped being a defender of values as it used to be decades ago.

He claimed that unlike in the past, the church had become a place where the corrupt could hide 'dirty' money .

"The church used to be a refuge to people who were being ostracized. Look at the women who stripped at freedom corner and were chased away, they went to a church to hide. But today the best place to hide your money is the church," he opined.

He went on to argue that the measures announced by the Catholic Church to govern donations had come late in the day.

The activist claimed the move not to accept cash was a hypocritical one as it was coming after it was clear that the source of these donations was running dry.

"Too little too late. The church has been receiving a lot of dirty money and they are now pretending that they don’t need it," he said.

Mwangi called for a return to the values system that underpinned how the church operated in the heydays of the late Alexander Muge, who died in controversial circumstances.