Former Kibwezi member of parliament Kalembe Ndile has come out to claim that his TIP TIP party among parties forming Jubilee coalition was conned.

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Addressing journalists on Tuesday Kalembe observed that his party was neglected after the 2017 general elections.

He noted that the agreement signed by the parties forming Jubilee each party was to receive 30 million shillings yet he never received a cent.

He said that other parties in the coalition received the cash and other job opportunities except his.

"We were only called to the statehouse, we took a photo with President Uhuru and handed over our parties to the coalition, nothing more," said Kalembe.

"We only got sh.600,000 as a tip the other remaining cash was never given to us so I wouldn't be wrong to say I was duped by Jubilee. Other parties like New ford Kenya were paid, Lusaka and engine got positions," he added.

Kalembe went ahead to state that the jubilee coalition ought to be transparent on where the cash went.

Kalembe also called for the DCI and DPP to investigate where the money given to Jubilee by the registrar of parties goes to.

 "There is a certain percentage given to parties by the registrar of parties ODM gets it's share and so does Jubilee but where the money goes is not known," he said.