Egesa FM, a radio station that broadcasts in Ekegusii brags of an-over-a-decade broadcasting monopoly unlike it's modern-day rival Kisii FM.

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The Nairobi-based Royal Media Services-owned station has had a good time ruling the airwaves in the private sector, but it can't now brush off rivalry posed by Kisii FM which is tailing it.

The big question remains, has Kisii FM managed to flex its muscles on radio programming to beat this giant broadcasting station?

Here is a comparison of the most notable shows of the two rival radio stations;

1. Ekerambauti vrs Chinsanse unique programmes

Word has been going around Gusii region, accusing Kisii FM of coming up with its Chinsanse programme, that's an alleged copy of Egesa's Ekerambauti.

Arguably, Egesa's Ekerambauti has deeper content, when it comes to a round-up of news happenings in the larger Gusii. Nevertheless, it's reporters have a rare skill of packaging their stories with humour, that woes a listener.

Kisii FM's 'Chinsanse' is a distant second and struggling to canvass the region with detailed news content.

2. Educative programmes

Egesa FM can mouth about its signature radio show 'Nerimore riegesa', that educates couples on ways to a life-long love affair. The Friday night show is arguably a favourite among Kisii listeners because it's host Francis Gichana Maraburi is bold in articulating marital problems that enslave many.

Many young couples identify with the show because it enriches their puny marital experience.

Rival Kisii FM is yet to come up with such a mind-blowing show.

3. Notable radio personalities

Top hosts can sell a radio station to a large audience with their drooled fame. For instance, when it comes to notable radio personalities rocking airwaves in Ekegusii broadcasting radio stations, Egesa FM bags the big names.

Big names behind top shows like 'Boka Boka's Lawrence Nyakundi, 'Kanyeka's Sorobi Moturi Erastus and 'Omogusii n'Ekebago's Nancy Omweri control the station's audience.

Although they may be shrugging their way up, presenters behind Kisii FM's rival programmes 'mominchori imi, Egeticha show and Ritereka show are yet to stamp their names on the airwaves.