Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko has declared that he will fire several County Executive Committees members (CeC) and Chief Officers.

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Sonko has indicated that these top county government officials have betrayed him by working with cartels. 

"Gov Mike Sonko might fire more than 6 cecm's and 3 chief officers very soon for not being loyal. Imagine a CECM you trust most being absorbed by the so-called cartels to the extent of making sensitive decisions without consulting me as his boss," said Sonko.

The city boss accused the lands and planning department of allowing developers to contract to build with a higher number of floors than what is required. 

According to Sonko, these officers allow such impunity to go on since they get paid for every extra floor they allow to be contracted. 

He came out to lash at a former governor who has contracted a building with 15 floors but the area only allows building with 4 floors. 

Complains from residents have never reached him since his corrupt county officials hide them. 

He has now called on residents to send the complains directly to him. 

Sonko seized this moment to laud assembly planning Committee in charge of oversight, who are doing their work diligently. 

Some of these investors are foreigners. Most of them absentees landlords. They don't live in the areas where they are actually putting pressure on the infrastructure," said of one of his County Officials.