Do you have an amazing boyfriend? 

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Well to know whether he is an amazing one or not, below are few things that he must be doing.

1. He allows you to have space

When it comes to relationships, some men are too much in that they always want to stick themselves to their girlfriends. 

Partner lacks some bit of personal space usually end the relationship to an unhealthy one. 

However, if your boyfriend is the type that allows you to have personal space when you need one, then he is an amazing boyfriend.

2. He let to be yourself

It is so unfair that partners in a relationship are forced to be who they are not just to satisfy their significant other. 

If you are in this type of a relationship, then know that you are heading nowhere.

 An amazing guy is the one that allows his woman to be who she is.

3. He supports you

A perfect boyfriend is the one that is willing and ready to support you in any way possible. 

If your boyfriend does not support your dreams, then he is not worth having you. 

Be with someone who supports your dream, and you also support his.