The Luo Nyanza voting block is headed for a tough time ahead and will be having it rough throughout the 2022 general election campaign period.

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Being among the most populous blocks, Luo Nyanza will be attracting a lot of attention from presidential aspirants, which will land her and her people, the Luo, on the spot.

Here are the two reasons why Luo Nyanza is looking at hard times ahead;

1. History with presidential aspirants

The Luo Nyanza region has a history with the majority of the politicians who have since declared interest in the presidency in the 2022 general elections.

These include Deputy President William Ruto, ANC leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Wiper's Kalonzo Musyoka, who have at some point thrown their weight behind ODM leader Raila Odinga, the Luo Nyanza kingpin.

Already, allies of the three are demanding that the region returns a hand in 2022 by backing each of the mentioned, with the pressure likely to intensify as the elections draw nearer.

Therefore, Nyanza will be put in a situation where it will have to choose between following Raila's directions or proving its gratefulness by backing one of the three.

Should the region opt not to pay the 'debts', then members of the Luo community risk being branded politically selfish people who cannot support anyone else apart from their own; and as a result, it will be even harder for other politicians to strike deals with the region in the future, well aware that they will not receive a payback backing.

2. The Raila factor

In the event that Raila takes another presidential shot, the fifth one in 2022, and the region rallies behind him, then he loses, then Nyanza might be the laughing stock for the coming years.

This is because Nyanza has always rallied behind Raila in all his bids, and another one will see the region come out as zombified and unable to make independent decisions.

It will appear that the region lacks the ability to identify the winning side and would rather fall with its own rather than support the winning side and secure a slot in the government.

Therefore, a tough decision-making exercise awaits it in 2022, where it will have to choose between its man or being in government.

Though the 2022 general elections are already exciting the country three years in advance, Luo Nyanza will have to approach it with extreme care.