Renowned city lawyer and legal analyst Steve Ogolla has called for the arrest of embattled manager Joe Mwangi.

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In a damning tweet on Tuesday, Mr Ogolla described Joe Mwangi as a thug.

"IN SHORT this thug Mwas Joe should be arrested as a matter of urgency. The rest are details, " Steve Ogolla's tweet read.

The lawyer's latest intervention on the controversy surrounding Joe Mwangi in the wake of widespread revulsion triggered by claims that the manager exploited Wendy Waeni, a gymnast.

Wendy Waeni made devastating allegations against his former manager when she appeared on Jeff Koinage Live last week, saying that Joe Mwangi had never given her a penny.

A section of social media users have been up in arms since the allegations surfaced, calling for Joe Mwangi to be arrested and charged with exploitation.

He has strongly denied the allegations of exploitation levelled against him, saying that he had a good working relationship with the gymnast.

A slew of lawyers including Steve Ogolla has offered to offer pro bono legal services to Wendy Waeni to help her get justice.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is carrying out investigations into the claims levelled against Joe Mwangi with a view of indicting him on child abuse charges.