Building a connection with your partner is important if you want your relationship or marriage to last. 

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Below are five ways to connect with your spouse;

1. Give them a listening ear

Listening and understanding creates a strong connection between two people in love. You disconnect yourself from your partner when you don't listen to what they have to say.

2. Flirt with each other

Engage in flirty conversations always so that you get to connect with each other. Most people stop flirting once they get married and this is very bad. The flirting has to continue deep into the marriage.

3. Watch something you both love together

Should it be a movie or series or any other thing the both of you would love, find intimate time and watch it together. It does magic.

4. Make compliments a routine

Always remember to compliment your spouse. If she dresses nicely, say a thing about it that will make her happy. If he's got some cool haircut, do the same; talk about it. 

5. Cuddle

The sun should not set before you hug your spouse. It will create a feeling of belonging and ownership; you own each other.