Performing some strenuous exercises from Monday to Monday should be part of your daily activities. 

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Exercise keeps the kidney in good shape and there are particular exercises that may help you boost the kidney's health. 

People with kidney-related diseases should embrace exercises because they keep the kidneys healthy by ensuring that high blood pressure and bad cholesterol are lowered including sprucing up muscle function.  

"Exercise, besides protecting the kidneys, also will improve fitness, general health, and quality of life and has the potential to reduce cardiovascular risk, a major cause of mortality and morbidity in patients with CKD," notes Dr Sharlene Greenwood, a researcher

Here are best exercises for your kidneys; 

1. Walking

Walking is a form of exercise that can curb certain diseases like cardiovascular, lung and kidney-related complications.

Erring around in the street is good for your health as it does not only promote blood circulation, maintain good cholesterol, stress reliever, muscle relaxation, beat fatigue but can also promote kidney health. Walking around ensures that there is flow of blood to the kidney that enhances the production of urine and ouster of waste materials. 

2. Running

The benefits that come with walking is similar to those of running. Running keeps the  body in good condition and it is a way of promoting the kidney's health. 

This exercise can lower the formation of kidney stones in the urinary tract which is important in ensuring that the kidney functions well.