Farmers in Mau Narok and Mwisho wa Lami, Njoro Sub County in Nakuru have appealed to the National and County Governments to ensure there is 100 per cent implementation of the potato packaging regulation.

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The farmers say this will ensure the rule cuts across to every stakeholder involved in the potato business.

According to the farmers, the government has already shown its laxity after re-emergence of the exaggerated potato bags in Mau Narok despite the publicity that was done on the 50kg packaging bags.

“We want the government to act because it seems there is laxity in implementation of the regulation on potato packaging,” one of the farmers said while addressing media at Mwisho wa Lami in Njoro Sub-county.

The farmers have pointed fingers at the government for double standards, highlighting several county governments cess stations and Gilgil Weighbridge where the trucks carrying potatoes to Marikiti market in Nairobi, Tarakea in Isebania and Kongowea in Mombasa pass but zero trucks get impounded.

The farmers now argue that the use of these stations might bring sanity in the potato farming business.

Moreover, they have said that the regulation has only been put at the grassroots level insisting that the same should be put at the market places to ensure sanity resumes in the business.

On his part, Mau-Narok Ward MCA Jackson Githua has suggested that County Governments should as well employ inspectors at the farms, cess stations, weighbridges and markets who will ensure the 50kg packaging rule is followed to the latter.