A report of the DNA test that was conducted on 73 items collected evidence in the murder of Monica Kimani has placed Joseph Irungu alias Jowie and an unknown man at the scene of crime.

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The report of the DNA test on the items taken to the Government analyst Joseph Kagunda Kimani for analysis was presented in court on Tuesday during the ongoing hearing of Monica Kimani's murder case. 

Appearing in court as a witness, Kagunda claimed that a sample of blood from Jowie's short matched that of Monica.

“The DNA from the strapping in Monica’s house was of a mixed profile, the major contributor matching the profile generated from the blood sample labelled Monica with a random probability of match and a minor contributor is an unknown male profile,” Kagunda said.

The report further indicated the presence of an unknown person at the scene of crime.

A previous  witness, Lee Omondi, in his testimony on Tuesday claimed that Jowie was the last person to be seen with Monica at her apartment in  Lamuria Gardens in Kilimani. 

Omondi who had gone to visit Monica on the night that is believed she was murdered, also claimed a neighbour called Walid was at the apartment but left early.

Jowie and his ex-girlfriend Jacque Maribe are the suspects in the murder which occurred on  September 19, 2018.